pay me

To take a page from my friend’s blog,….here is my haiku of the day: Pay Me you requested it the item I gave freely money I dont have do you


Watch the green light maaan!

So,..I rush out of work to run errands on my little tiny itty bity 30 minute lunch break today. Its all sunny and 80 degrees out side and I kind


Extreme dating

So, what do you call it when you meet someone for brunch on a bright warm sunny Sunday morning and you don’t leave their company until almost 8pm that evening?



Its 1:36am,…do you know where your web designer is? ………….this is what happens when you let procrastination creep in.


Procrastination is the root of all evil

“ My soul wants to go one way But my heart and mind playing a tug of war with me baby” -“Tug of War,” Nikka Costa I must say, it

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