Sex in the Chick Fil A drive thru

Its a little after 8am, I really was thirsty from the early morning HEAT we seem to be experiencing so I drive up the the CFA drive thru and roll


Photoshop/Effect – Anicent Parchment Paper

05/06/05 Photoshop/Effect – Ancient Parchment Paper Ancient paper Introduction This tutorial will show you how to quickly create from scratch a piece of paper and give it that trendy old/burned


How to create a new entry

Title format: Program/Type of Tutorial or Technique – Subject Example: Photoshop/Effect – Scotch Tape Example: Photoshop/How To – Create a new brush Example: Illustrator/How To – Create a plug in


…ready, set, break ! (down)

“I need high prayers to breathe through And I need to shine like I used to And I know that I’m not supposed To be for nothing…” -Cree Summer, “Deliciously

Hot day, cool smoothie,….extreme dating is fun. 🙂 

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