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Day 4: First Look

Here is the first look at Bellah Bayliss in her current form. Please keep in mind that she may or may not look different the next time you see her…


Day 3: Free Money

On Puea (82,215,24) (PG) at Loco Pedro’s Casino, I earned $3 a minute JUST BY SITTING IN A CHAIR!!!!. I know he meant it as a way for you to


French Farse of a Consulate

About three weeks ago, on a weekend I went to atlanta to go TRY to get my french visa. I looked on the french consulate website to get all the



My local craft store had DMC threads on sale for .50 each so I decided at some point I will do something with it,…so I bought several color coordinated threads,


Obsession CAN BE healthy?

I am one of those people who become easily obsessed with “things.” Not people (that would be a STALKER), not food (that would be an eating disorder), but THINGS. I