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The Justin Bieber Story: How I became the Male #LindsayLohan

READ: Justin Bieber + friend + stripper = nsfw pictures, (hell, not safe for anywhere!) on Twitter Based off of the article I reference in this post, my mind went


Brooks Brothers (and Sisters, LOL)

I feel all grown up and stuff… #BrooksBros (Taken with Instagram) (Source:


Friday Freeloading 01.05.07

Artist: Masha Qrella Song: “Destination Vertical”Album: Unsolved RemainEmusic LinkMyspaceArtist Music LabelPrevious Bands: Contriva, Mina


I’ll be that….I deserve it….

Ok. I know. Yep. I know that too. Slack does not even BEGIN to describe my blogging lately and sparse would be a lie. YES. I have DEFINITE plans on


Movin’ On Up

Hello Everyone. I have moved. Come join me at my “new crib.” Thanks for stopping by. 🙂