Finding the fight that will lead to hopefulness (again)

Sometimes an opportunity is closed to you and that can be disappointing. Especially when you see that your peers are enjoying or reaping the benefit of said opportunity. This is NOT where I tell you “keep the faith” or “don’t loose hope,” because I can’t. Because I have. I DID. I have, plenty of times, over and over. But for every time I lost it, people in my life and blessings have helped me regain that hope, that confidence, that faith again TWOFOLD.

Loose hope – but work hard to find it again.
Think its hopeless – but work hard at being hopeful again.

Because when you reflect on where you have been, …you will realize that it was just simply, NOT FOR YOU. Why? Because the one that was for you, the one that was designed for you, the one that was meant for you and you alone will appear. And you will know it to be such. That is all I can say. Thank you.

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