Stepping more into 40 and out of a cluttered life.

Deciding that my move out of Greensboro was also going to be the start of a #lifepurge was one of the biggest and scariest things I have ever done. Seriously folks. It has been hard, emotional and extremely nerve racking all at the same time and as I sell away, throw away, give away and put away things, I am constantly questioning myself:

1. Why do I own so much stuff?
2. Why did I buy so much stuff over the years?
3. What improvements has the accumulation of all of this stuff brought into my life?
4. Would getting rid of this item or that item make a big difference in my life or cause me some type of hardship?
5. Why am I holding on to this? Is it for sentimental, practical or irrational reasons?
6. Does it add value to my life or does it subtract value from my life because I have to keep up with it (or this stuff).
7. If I reached any of my ultimate goals in life, would this THING OR these THINGS matter? Would I need them in that life, on that path? Would I even think twice about them?

Asking myself these questions is allowing me (slowly y’all…. this is not easy) to push past the loss of THINGS and accept / anticipate all the things I am about to gain from being materialistically lighter and as a result mentally lighter as well. I am a minimalist at heart and I have let life make me a collector of THINGS instead of a collector of EXPERIENCES. As scary as it has been to devalue the materialistic things in my life and re-value the new life I am moving towards, I am looking forward to going back to feeling DECLUTTERED – mind, body, spirit, the whole nine. Its a priceless feeling.

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