The Justin Bieber Story: How I became the Male #LindsayLohan


READ: Justin Bieber + friend + stripper = nsfw pictures, (hell, not safe for anywhere!) on Twitter

Based off of the article I reference in this post, my mind went straight to Lifetime movie territory and the fact that their needs to be a made for tv movie about his life called:
“The Justin Bieber Story: How I became the Male #LindsayLohan”
#NSFL (not safe for life)
It sounds like the beginning of some bad joke, but sadly it’s not. It’s real life! Well, at least Beib’s version of real life. I’m all for the YOLOing and what not but dude,…when the most sane comment anyone has ever made to you or about you COMES FROM MILEY CYRUS?!? It’s time for you to take several seats, anger management class and rehab. The next thing you know there will be pictures taken by the cops of Selina Gomez’s busted up face. YES BIEBER, THAT’S RIGHT…YOU ARE HEADED STRAIGHT FOR CHRIS BROWN TOWN. Can I get an order of Canadian intervention, with a side of Britney style legal custodial/guardianship by your family? Yes. You do need it Beibs. Badly.

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