10 things I learned tonight on New Girl (s03e02)

I love the TV show, “New Girl” on FOX. I love it so much I think it is important that I share with everyone a few things I learned from each episode. Got time to read it? Here ya go:

  1. Schmidt wants to call CeCe his shawty in public and Elizabeth is Dr. Wyland Cover, (Schmidt’s oncologist)
  2. Cats carry disease, are obsessed with Schmidt’s nipples and are not welcomed in the loft
  3. Nick wants to put “it” on Jess
  4. 15and a “halfie” doesn’t count as currency
  5. The Miller Sac Pac had t-shirts and sometimes firemen are women
  6. Jess’ nickname is “old toilet pants,” or “Suzuki Sinclair,” she has fun mugs and Elizabeth is “sexy Peggy”
  7. Schmidt is on a tight “schedge” and cannot bring CeCe as his “siggaah”
  8. Schmidt’s office is a 2/3 replica of Don Draper’s office in Mad Men
  9. Bethany has “mismanaged eyebrows”
  10. Daisy has a guy with a size 15 ding dong in her shower and Winston is going to kill her cat (but let it make its own choice as to how it will be killed)

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