10 things I learned tonight on New Girl (s03e01)

I love the TV show, “New Girl” on FOX. I love it so much I think it is important that I share with everyone a few things I learned from each episode. Got time to read it? Here ya go:

1. Nick is all in.
2. Jess is all in too.
3. Nick wants to buy Jess a lobster dinner
4. Nick and Jess are Dutch hookers
5. Winston thinks a best friend should NEVER EVER touch his puzzle
6. Sweaty disgusting jollies!
7. Winston is a sweaty disgusting trash child
8. Winston is way up
9. Nick could be a bitch but he’s Jess’s bitch
10. Winston is color blind and had green shoes,…not brown.

Bonus:  Schmidt is in trouble…real big trouble

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