Knitter’s Update

I know it has been ages since I posted but if you ONLY KNEW how my real life was immitating some sort of soap opera over the past 6 months, then you would understand.

With that said, I will catch you up on my non-existent knitting.

  • I am still sticking to scarves. I haven’t had the time to learn how to make all the other pretty and wonderful things I want to make….like some additional accessories for these damned scarves I am making! So a scarf is all ya get right now.
  • “Pinky” is done. And while it is the best in knitting rows that I have done up until the scarf I am currently working on….Pinky has some issues with straightness and the such…but the lovely friend of mine to whom he now belongs does not mind one bit..he keeps her warm, being more functional than style…I will get this right yet!
  • I started another scarf, (the best one yet I think!) back in November of this year, but I have yet to finish it. THE CADD set in and I moved on to making a pillow and some jewelry. But now I am back to the knitting (out of a desperate need to concentrate on something OTHER than making websites that will calm my mind) and hopefully she will be ready for viewing soon.

So that is about it over in this neck of the woods. What about you?

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