Obsession CAN BE healthy?

I am one of those people who become easily obsessed with “things.” Not people (that would be a STALKER), not food (that would be an eating disorder), but THINGS. I find certain things that I like and then I can’t seem to get enough of them! It is an issue. It will cause me to spend money that is deemed “outside of my budget,” I will loose sleep over it, make extra time for it, and more.

Well…ok..sometimes with food items, (as you will see later) but not to the point of gluttony….

See, I told you it was an issue.

I don’t just find something new I like, I go ALL OUT and become obsessed with it. I use it up until I am tired of it. I look at it until I have memorized every color, cut and curve. I listen to it until I know every instrument…until I know the singers breathing pattern while singing. I watch it until I have each scene burned into the back of my mind, plot, camera angles and all.

Four months ago it was my newest hobby.
Three months ago it was my junk camera.
Two months ago it was my favorite food.
A month ago it was buying summer clothes.
And now…

Art: Luc Latulippe, Illustrator
This guy is my current illustration obesession. I know that seems all geeky and dorky but he is a great illustrator. I look at his work and it makes me HAPPY. I dont mean the “Hey, that’s some pretty good work.” I mean the plain, good old fashion, simple emotion-happy. I like the simplicity of his work, the color and how he seems to be able to convey motion in all of his work. He’s a pretty cool dude from what I can tell. He is also not bad on the eyes, true.

Food: Carmel Frappucino (size: Venti) from Starbucks
This is like liquid crack folks. I am telling you. I am one of those people who you would not necessarily say I “drink coffee,” because I kind of look at coffee as nothing more than a good tasting drug. Keeping the drug reference in mind, I normally do not drink anything with large amounts of caffiene in it UNLESS the desired effect is not just to quench my thirst but to also have the effects of the caffiene do its thing….so in other words, when I am tired or sleepy. It started off as a Monday morning wake up kinda thing. But lately, I find myself wondering into my local Starbucks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and the like. Or, afternoons – on my way home to “cool off”…or on Saturday and Sunday afternoons when I do grocery shopping (I mean, hey, there IS a niffty little corner store INSIDE my favorite grocery store-why not?). Then, I started realizing that I was craving them every morning AND afternoon and every saturday and sunday and……

Activity: Knitting

Comedian: Dane Cook

Dane is one of the best NEW comedians I have heard in a long long time. He is authentic and stupid and funny-period. He is also ahead of the times as far as entertainers using the internet the right way.

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