This designer is STILL not quite ready for PRIME TIME…

I am printing out that “50 Ways” article. It is really useful to see what other designers that are years into the business have learned from the experience and from the design industry as a whole.

This summer, I am going to really look at “minding my own business” and really getting my own newbie design studio in order. I want to get back to basics with my work and try to get down a “10 points” process (or so) that I will design by from now on…

I know that sounds anal but one of the things that I hate the most about doing design work right now is the fact that I dont really have MY process down to a science right now….I just seem to be using bits and pieces of things that have worked for me in the past. I mean, as a designer (of any kind, really) there are certain things that you do EVERY SINGLE TIME. And for some reason, EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to think up the whole process all over again….from contracts to completion and it sucks.

More to come on this topic folks…I am sure of it.

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