Project 2: “Pinky”

So here you have it….the beginnings of my next project. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am going to stick to scarves for right now until I am confident that I have mastered some of the basic knitting techniques via scarf making (or unless someone sends me a DVD with the knitting techniques so I can learn them faster-whichever comes first!). We will call it “pinky.” If Pinky turns out to look half way decent, I MIGHT actually give her to the person who purchased the starting skein of this yard for me. I did not think that this yarn would make a pretty scarf at first, but now that I am getting into it, I see that it is quite delightful and would make a wonderful scarf for “S.” Lets just hope that the finished products actually looks enough LIKE a scarf to present to her! Do normal knitters name their creations? Or am I the only idiots doing this? And if anyone actually READS this darn blog, can you guys share with me some of your “beginning knitter tips” and things that helped you along the way (that you wish someone would have told YOU about)? If I use any of them, I will be glad to give credit where credit is due! I am even thinking about making a post one day listing resources to my favorite tools and crafty items.

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