Countdown has started

I am at the two month point now. Two months before I actually leave. I am one of those people that insists on packing everything, complete with labels (storage, to be shipped, etc.) and have it ready to go long before normal people. So now, I am stressing. Self induced stress, yes, but stress none the less. I just want things to be simple and in order when Frenchy gets here. I dont want us to spend all of our time together here, preparing to be “there.” I want him to enjoy being here and enjoy spending time with ME here…not being my mover. Ok…so I wont be able to avoid having him help me move things TOTALLY, but I want it to be just the bare minimum for sure.

I had planned to sell all of my furniture and give my new bed to my mother. The little knick-knacks and sentimental things that I own, I want to box up and store at my mothers house. But this is the problem…I am having trouble trying to seperate what I want to keep for sentimental reasons versus what I really DONT NEED to keep for ANY reason…..those things I just THINK I need to keep because I have bought them recently or I still use them, etc. etc.

Man, this is hard.

I mean, I want to box everything up and put it in nice little box stacks in the closets of my house while I try to continue to have some semblance of a normal life for the next two months, but I NEVER realized getting rid of flower pots, framed Ansel Adams photos and computer desks would be so hard! Then, on top of it, until I find someone to take all this stuff off my hands, I have to look at it! Empty, folded up, bare of knick knacks and candles….I feel very much in limbo right now. The more I pack, label and organize, the more out of sync, confused and disorganized I feel (in a way).

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  1. I wish I was feeling so organized about my move. I have full intentions to do labels and all, but I will wait until I get to my mums, where things will be stored, and I have 2 full weeks uninterruped to make out lists and sell of more stuff.

  2. My move is total chaos. But rather cathartic as I’m just getting rid of stuff instead labeling it. Nice blog!!

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