Stalkers take it up a notch

As if there were not ALREADY a billion reasons not to start a myspace page (does immaturity, peer pressure and just plain old stupidity count?), now myspace lovers and what I have coined as “myspaalkers,” (mysapce+stalker=myspalker) have a whole new way to check up on their favorite imaginary loved ones… is a new website that promises to offer you a way to check up on the relationship status of the person you obsessively stalk,…uhm…I mean are interested in, based on their myspace page. The Download Squad reports that the website, “will watch their stalkee’s special someone’s profile and e-mail them as soon as their status switches to Single.”

***** We interrupt this blog entry for a test of the emergency GET A LIFE broadcasting system. This is only a test. If this was an actual emergency, your life would actually BE this sad that you had to watch stalk a stranger’s myspace page to see if their status changes in the ridiculous hopes that they would actually want your sad ass. But since we will hope and pray that this is not the case, we will not return you to your regularly scheduled blog entry. Thank You.*****

Now, I make no bones to my friends about how much I truly despise (yet have fallen victim to surveying on occasion) the whole myspace phenomenon yet, I understand why some people would be so sucked into creating tacky looking high schoolish websites in a space on the net where the average person’s sole purpose is to make virtual friend and beg for even more….but wouldnt making a blog be easier? (lol lol lol)

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  1. is this the new Blackplanet??

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