Roll over….play dead! No……really.

Most dogs are perfectly happy in life eating, playing with thier owners, chasing cars and squirrels, digging up the back yard and burrying things in it. But for good old cutey Skeeter the toy poodle, life revolves around falling on his face, ASLEEP!

I saw this last night on that brain trash of a tv show “Inside Edition” while I was working on my laptop. Although I am a TRUE dog lover and seeing the video of this dog getting so excited that he falls asleep was down right tragic,…THAT #*^@!%!! was F-U-N-N-Y!!! Just for a split second, I found my head back and my mouth wide open in laughter until the tragedy of the situation hit me again, (this was a back and forth- laughter/sadness,…laughter/sadness-lol). He is a medical mystery and they try to “control” his sleepiness with anti-depressants made for humans. It gets worse folks, the dog is so bad off that in order for him to eat (because he gets excited about eating too) he has to be fed and petted rapidly at the same time.

Along the same lines, on YouTube theres a little number named Rusty,….rofl/sad face,…rofl/sad face….

UPDATE: 8:14pm – damn! the goats got it bad too!!!!

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