Quote of the Day: 05-22-06

May 22nd @ 11:17pm
WFMY News 2 Late News
Most get rich quick schemes don’t work, don’t build wealth, if you want to get rich, you might as well be a crack dealer,…”
Dr. Carlton Eversley, a Presbyterian minister and professor at Winston-Salem State University. He says the lottery have a negative effect on communities.

By George I think he’s got it!! You are RIGHT Mr. Eversley! Let’s NOT try a simple game of chance in the hopes that you might one day hit the jackpot like some other very lucky regualr folk! Nooo! Let’s go sling some dope! Now THAT is the road to riches! Screw you Oprah! I am going to cater to crackheads! Hey! Crack aint whack! Crack is Baaaack! Hooty hoooooo!!!

In all seriousness folks, evereyone has their view on the positive or negative effects of the lottery on North Carolina and our education system (or lack thereof) but come on……when you are TRYING to make a statement in relation to how lotteries do affect the poorer areas of any community or state, can we find better words????? Daaang!

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