Michelle, What the HELL??!!??

Michelle Rodriguez Gets 60 Days in Jail……..

People Magazine Online reports that M.R. “caught part deux of her case” on Monday and was “sentenced to 60 days in the Los Angeles County jail Monday for violating her probation.”

Now, lets see if we can just do a QUICK review here….
…you get the job that will OBVIOUSLY be the character of your lifetime (and career) on the hottest show on TV right now
…you get SHANKED (kilt, got dead, bam!bam! capped) on said show just about the time you and your “cut buddy” get arrested for twin DUIs (our own little Thelma & Louis, go figure)
…then! unlike your blonde buddy (who OBVIOUSLY had the surprising brains NOT to go your route in this matter) you decide that holding up in the pokey for five days was better than doing the community service they gave you the option to do.
…they told your ass to go to AA and get it together….meantime….everyone is clowning your ass because your demise on the show looked like a firing because of your wild and reckless regard for your wallet and career (HEY! NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS THE CASE….IT JUST LOOKS THAT WAY!)
AND FINALLY! You find some idiotic and completely destructive way to violate your probation and get posted back up in the pokey,……………

……………..(waaaait for it!!! wait for it!!!)………………………….

And all your dumb ass has to say about it is, “I’m a gypsy. I can see beauty in a jail cell.”?????????

Michelle……(smacking of the lips occurs here). Michelle. Michelle. Michelle.

Now folks, what kind of gypsy do YOU know gets a role of a lifetime to jump start their career on the hottest show on TV and turns around and SHOWS directors and producers how destructive and tragic you REALLY are??!!!!


What the HELL, MICHELLE????!!!!????!!!!

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