The BEST of the best

You know…this is the first time I actually CARED who won ATNM. Danielle. Danielle. Danielle. I am so happy for her….for the FIRST TIME I think the two girls in the finals actually worked hard to get there….and the best girl DID win…the most improved girl DID win. I am kinda pissed that the judges kept harping on her accent,…I mean HELLO???!!! does anyone rember the foreign model that did CG commercials with Ms. J during last season???? She barely spoke ANYONES language! I think Danielle is the most improved and I think that she worked hard to become a better model to please the judges and to win…..and I sound like a 17 year old all over again dont I????

Congrats Danielle. I am VERY proud of you. P.S. to the judges of ANTM: THANK YOU FOR NOT PICKING THAT DAMN JADE!!!!

Posted by ldbaldwin

  1. I guess Jade can go back to being an undercover supermodel…lol

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