The Tax Man Cometh and he is an ASS

Was I the only jackass up until 12am this morning doing taxes I could have done a whole two months ago? This is the first time in my entire tax paying history that I have waited this late to do and file my taxes. Normally I am done with tax refund happily in hand by the end of January. WHY? I DONT KNOW WHY!! I psyched myself out to think that incorporating my sole proprietorship business into the mix was going to be not only costly but time consuming as well. I made myself believe that I needed to get someone else to do my taxes instead of just doing them myself a whole TWO MONTHS AGO. Then, the thought of paying someone else to do what I have done on my own for over 20 years now, seemed ridiculous…so I waited…and waited….and waited…
UNTIL TODAY, tonight, this morning.
Yes. It was tedious and tiring but not terrible. Yes. It was the longest three hours of my life but I know better and will prepare better for this horrible mess at the end of 2006. At the end, my UNEXPECTED refund and lack of hainvg to pay (since I LOAN the govt money every year uneccesarily) was worth the three hours it took me to gather and enter all that crap. So once again another tax season has passed for me with what I would still consider little trouble and a big enough reward for me to do it earlier next year. Hey! that could have been a LOT of pairs of shoes and a few CUTE summer dresses…Hell! it could have been a plane ticket to a nicer destination! I guess knowing that I will be doing my taxes next year from the lovely country of France will have to be enough for me!
For all of Yall that have NOT done your taxes…with less than 24 hours left….Ya DUMMY! YOU BETTER GET MOVING! (like I have room to talk).

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