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So, there are times where I feel like I could concentrate and almost perform surgery with my steady hand and full on concentration. But today…..was NOT one of those days. Today I feel like the poster child for ADHD. Today I feel like I could not concentrate on concentrating if my life depended on it. Today I feel like if I was manic depressive, this would be a manic stage….real manic. I really want to sit here and just stare out into space….its about the ONLY thing I CAN concentrate on. Mondays are normally rough for me but this one is off the chain. Normally, I can put on my headphones and zone out and work through the lack of attention and concentration. Uh uh…that aint happening today. But it got me thinking…

On days like these, I love to listen to certain songs. On days when I am tired, I love to listen to a different set of songs. This is the same type of situation with days when I am depressed or sad. You know, there are just certain songs that hold a bit of feeling or that special “something” to get you out of whatever mood you are in (or to get INTO another mood).

So here is my challenge to all my blogging friends(yes, this means you too SC!):

7 songs for 7 moods: What seven songs can define the different moods/days you can (and do) have in a week?

“Reggie”(lol) has already taken my challenge (thanks for playing along buddy!) so what about you?

Here are mine:

When my ass is draggin the ground and I just dont feel like doing anything
“Superheroes” – Esthero

When I am emotional (bad)
“Drown Deep” – Maxwell or “Heal Over” – KT Tunstall

If my boyfriend does something dumb as hell and I am upset
“Only the Lonely” – The Motels

When I am in my “dont mess wit a bitch” mood
“Up in here” – DMX

When I am souped up on caffine, a sunny morning or just high off life
“Sweetness” – Johnny Eat World

When I am ready to go out and dance (also can remind me of cold winter weekend nights)
“Five Fathoms “- Everything but the Girl


When it is a MONDAY but I want it to feel like FRIDAY (at 5pm)
“Cubicle” – Rinocerose

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