BACK and forth and OH MYBACK!

Ok…I know I complained about my 8 hour trip to France, but that was mostly out of excitement and anticipation. This trip back is about as bas as it gets….other than having a body odor challenged person in the seat next to you who also wants to talk your head off….I don’t have that mind you…but the cramped seats and the loud noises and the fact that my flight this time, (unlike the flight to France), is completely full!! It is crazy. And as much as I love to fly, its (to me) like childbirth. You forget all the crappy, painful, miserable parts about it because the end result is so wonderful…until you have to do it again…then you sitting there wondering “Why did I do this again???” For me its my back. Sitting still for 8 hours at a time just does not work for me…and when you are on a crowded plane where even getting up and walking up and down the aisle is a chore…sitting becomes a form of ancient torture. To top it all off, I think I might ahve to become a cannibal….they also decided not to serve lunch until we are about 6 hours into the flight! My ass has not had a bite to eat today at all!!! This is bullshit fo’ sho’…..(that is ebonics for I am about to naw my right hand off and barbecue it ).

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