I am in the air right now….and we are going over the mountains somewhere…I am just not sure where that is…lol I wish I had a better sense of direction than I do….I would love to be able to tell you that we are “west over this……” or “currently over looking the ‘so and so’ mountains in whatchamacallit state” ..BUT I CANT…so you will just have to settle for my description of some mountains outside my window that are neat looking…it is amazing to me how things look so damn fake – yet perfect when you are so far away from them….looking down on whatever state we are currently in, it looks like one of those cities that comes with the Hot Cars that my brother used to play with when we were children.

I actually got a whole normal size can of coke…I was shocked…the last time I flew…they gave us these midget size cans of soda and an even smaller cup of ice to go along with it…..but the bag of pretzels was bigger…go figure.

This leg of my trip is about 3 hours….I am already dreading the rest of my flight because I feel like I am already in mode…I really want to go to sleep but my excitement has taken over big time…you know…when you don’t feel excited but you cant stay still, or sleep, or concentrate on the 100 of things that you brought with you to keep you occupied??!! So I figured if nothing else I would just type it out., (kind of like “LHIOB“) also see this.

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