Freaky Fortune

So I had lunch at my favorite chinese restaurant on Tuesday. We had a waitress I had never had before (and I eat there more than humanly possible by most) and she was a bit “off.” But when she came back to the table to bring our checks and the typical fortune cookies,…the fortune cookie that got passed to me was,….not so typical (see picture above).
So,…if fortune cookies are supposed to give you wisdom and luck, what does two in the same package do for you?…or do they cancel each other out in some weird magical way and turn into BAD luck? Either way, the fortunes really did not apply to me (or each other)…so I dont know what to make of this little item. I know one thing….the cookies themselves were unsually nasty….a result of sharing a package? Hmmmm maybe,….maybe not. Either way, after taking this picture, I immediately went into a anally retentive – compulsive obesssive panic about the fact that I now had to get the crumbs from the cookies off my counter…lol

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