Knitter What? Knitter Who?


As a way of relieving some stress from the beginning of 2006 (which has been kinda horrible for me), I have taken up knitting and crocheting as my new hobbies.

I want this t-shirt sooo bad (thanks again Steph!)

I am going to make knitting the new HOT thing to do. I am going to knit like no one had ever knit before! I am going to knit scarves and sweaters and hot sexy hats and little cute booties for cute babies and shawls that make your grandmother envious! and…..

Aww,….who am I kidding…this shit is not easy…so when you, MY FRIEND, get a nice new grey scarf for christmas next year,…SHUT UP AND LOVE IT. 🙂

Posted by ldbaldwin

  1. And you have the nerve to call me a “Magic Geek”. Although I am, you have definitely joined me on the dark side. Welcome my from, to the wonderful world of dorkdom.

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