5 Things I Learned from Carnivale

I recently started the HBO Series Carnivale on my netflix rotation…I watched a little bit of the first episode last night….and I thought I came up with weird #!&#&^!^$!@!

But the 35 or so minutes that I DID watch gave me some really good life lessons that I thought I would share:

(1) Try not to get caught in the midst of a dust bowl if you have asthma
(2) No matter how you dress them up, carni people STILL LOOK LIKE CARNI PEOPLE!
(3) Stealing from the church offering in times of depression will make your throat sore
(4) Dont go into town for a knee-high soda by your damn self
(5) If your momma is comatose AND YOU CAN STILL HEAR HER TALKING TO YOU, one or both of you should consult the advice of a psychological professional

Stay tuned..this disturbing, (yet interesting) show may turn out to be my new life guide!! 🙂

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