Hobbit Update…..

I did not realize at the time of my first blog about Hobbit Love, that I actually KNEW a Hobbit (my bad, dog)….so from the horses mouth, here goes a Hobbit’s view on why E Lilly got her some Hobbit love;

(and I quote): “…..hobbits have time to study shit. so we know how to do things when the time comes……..”

‘Nuf said.
The end.

Posted by ldbaldwin

  1. do you mean to say that your hobbies are your dog and your father and horses?

    I will try to speak English a little.

    My hobbies are horseriding, watch football (PSG), to go fishing ( I have a pool), my baby cat Anya (she is 6 month), my boyfriend ( he keeps me very busy!!! lol), my job (Mac do) and my friends.


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