PepBoys Pimpin’

Last Friday, I took C out to eat dinner as a much needed thank you for the hard work he did for me back in January. Upon coming out to my car, I noticed that my truck tire was going flat. Upon further inspection, the culprit was found to be a freaking NAIL in my tire. There it was,…and it had the NERVE to be SHINY! My first thought: “So this is how my weekend is going to be huh?” C had gotten into his car and I ran over to ask him to take a look at the tire and tell me if I could make it home. I mean,…he was a guy,…he was around…I figured, guys know this stuff! why not just ask one for GP?! I mean, what could it hurt to just hear someone else’s opinion of my new weekend issue? What was his response? (loosely quoted)
“I dont usually work this soon after eating…….you need to stop at a gas station and put some air in it.”
Yeah. We are on the same page. Or are we?

I am not going to put air in ANYTHING! I was feeling extra “girly” that night and just could not see myself (as lazy as it sounds) getting that close to my tire to put air in it that evening….riding home on a wing and a prayer sounded much MUCH better to me.
After giving me the typical girl huff puff, C followed me to the gas station and put air in my tire for me (how nice!…do I owe him another meal?) for which I was enormously appreciative. I drove home.

Oh! But Wait! The drama does not end there!

Sat. I go to PepBoys to have the tire patched. Just as they wanted me to do (damn those automotive Jedi mind tricks!) I get there and realize that, maybe this is a good time to get them to rotate/balance/align all my tires while they are at it….why? because patching my tire and placing it back on the wheel was ALL they were going to do…no re-alignment, no balacing, no NOTHING. Riding in my truck was already like sitting in a vibrating desk chair so I said, what the hell…cant cost me TOO much more than the $24.95 they were already getting out of me for the tire patch.
Huh! yeah right.
Final bill? $164.25 My LAST $164.25!!!!
I walked out feeling like a $2 ho that had just had to give her pimp all the money she made that night. Not even to be left with enough money for cab fare…
Does my car drive a little better now? Sure….but only a LITTLE better…there is still something wrong with the wheels…I still have a dull bumping/knocking noise…
Did I get pimped out with the costs? I SURE DID. I need to own a PepBoys.

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