Double Dating on the Lord’s Day = BAD 1 out of 2

So Sunday I had brunch with A. He was “I”, height in the 6-footers,…slim build, cute. A plays golf and used to teach golf. He is a senior consultant with a local company and hospital. Very cool….very nice…a definite repeat.

I also had lunch at P on Sunday with K. He was “B”, is decent looking, a mush mouth, shorter than I expected, talks really loud (but so does A…in a different way), kind of rude and interrupts you while you are talking, did not even offer to pay for my food, bought his food while I was still in the bathroom, and then I had to sit across from him during the whole lunch/early dinner and watch spit form in the corners of his mouth (along with mayo, bread, lettuce and lemonade) while we talked and ate. The conversation was really really hard. Ever talked to someone who not only thought they knew more than you, but thought they knew more than you about a specific topic and then began to drive in into the ground trying to explain every little detail to you?,..EVEN THOUGH you mention on several occasions that you not only understand BUT you also have knowledge of the topic???? THAT is what he did….THE ENTIRE LUNCH…EVERY TOPIC WE TALKED ABOUT. I could tell that he is NOT used to talking to women wiht an opinion on ANYthing. Every time I would try and kind of get him off himself by referring to something that I related the current topic to or something we had in common(as in “Yeah, I know what you mean, I to have done…blah blah or I know a little on….blah blah…”) he would tell me I did not understand like he did and go right back to the 3rd grade explanation.

Then! As if his rudeness was not enough…at some point in time he must have thought enough of my skills to realize I might be an assest to him…and the conversation turned from HIM, to how I could partner up with him to do some work!!!

By the end of lunch/early dinner, I was tired of him, tired of trying to avoid looking at the spit in the corners of his mouth, tired of trying to strain to listen to him carefully enough to understand him and the mush, tired of him interrupting me and talking down to me. K, being oblivious to it all…was just sitting around looking like he was next in line for a vastectomy, (that is, once he stopped talking and realized I never started…). I was so ready to go I could have ran out of P. Straight up SPRINTED.

Moral of the story? Dont double date on the Lord’s day….you are guaranteed that at least ONE of the instances,..the outcome is going to be BAD.

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