Sex in the Chick Fil A drive thru

Its a little after 8am, I really was thirsty from the early morning HEAT we seem to be experiencing so I drive up the the CFA drive thru and roll down my window to place my order. All of a sudden, this frothy, phone sex, lustful voice comes over the intercom, (in my best 1-900 girl voice) “Welcome to Chick Fil A, how may I help you? (big lustful sigh)”…..

……..I was so shocked I could not get the words “sweat tea please” out of my mouth for a second, then I realized I WAS at the drive thru….

“uh, a sweet tea please and that’s all.”

(lustful, frothy, 1-900 number voice replies…)

“$1.32 please, drive up.”

I turned the corner to pull up to the window…I felt violated….I need a shower…

The voice did not improve once I drove up to the drive thru and she saw I was a female. Maybe she was practicing for her new job on the date hotline, …or maybe she was sick and her voice was leaving her….

……..naaah….she was trying to have sex in the chick fil a drive thru.

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