How to create a new entry

Title format: Program/Type of Tutorial or Technique – Subject

Example: Photoshop/Effect – Scotch Tape
Example: Photoshop/How To – Create a new brush
Example: Illustrator/How To – Create a plug in
Example: Front Page/Link – Front Page Newsletter
Example: Dreamweaver/Link – Macromedia Tutorial on …..
Example: General/News –

-every entry must have a clear and consice title (keep it short)
-entries and links should be as “work safe” as possible
-any attachments or tutorial attachments must be in the following formats: (doc=.pdf, images=.gif, .jpg,.psd, .ai, .eps)
-try to keep tutorials, links, etc to web design, graphic design and design related technical news
-any tutorial with attached files – files should be listed and documented at the bottom of the entry as follows: (attachments: image.jpg, image.psd)

The object is to learn one thing per day for five days and then share it amongst the group. The more we share the more we learn. Go forth and tutor! 🙂

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