Watch the green light maaan!

So,..I rush out of work to run errands on my little tiny itty bity 30 minute lunch break today. Its all sunny and 80 degrees out side and I kind of get excited about driving with the windows down for a change. I go to the bank, grab a caramel frappe (my version of midday coffee) and head back to work. There I am at the stop light waiting for green, minding my business and Mr. Toyota Tacoma in front of me keeps looking back at me in his rear view mirror….and he keeps making these hand gestures close to his chest. After a few seconds of watching this man make grabbing gestures with his hands, I finally figure out he is trying to say something to me. The light turns green and he is still looking at me through the rearview….I beep my horn and it was like he awoke from some hormone induced daydream and put his foot on the gas and drove off. Maaan! keep your eye on the red light instead of trying to tell me that the twins are big! damn!

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