Procrastination is the root of all evil

My soul wants to go one way But my heart and mind playing a tug of war with me baby”

-“Tug of War,” Nikka Costa

I must say, it snuck (is that a word??) up on me. I did not see it coming,…And the next thing I know, its moved in, unpacked and has made its self comfortable on my couch. What am I talking about here folks? PROCRASTINATION. Yep, procrastination. Over the past six months, I have become the worlds official #1 procrastinator, and I hate it. I truly truly hate it. I mean, I was the one that used to arrive 15 minutes early. I was the one that used to stay a constant week ahead of my responsibilities at work. I was the one that kept all the receipts and filed taxes on time (well I still do that, refund baby!) and the one that just had it all together, lists, the daytime organizer calendar all planned out….And now? Now? Well I am procrastinating as I write THIS! Its sad. Sad, sad, sad.

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