Rainy days are not good for my behind

Trouble…Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble Trouble been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born Worry…Worry, worry, worry, worry Worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone We’ll I’ve been…saved by a woman I’ve been…saved by a woman I’ve been…saved by a woman She won’t let me go…She won’t let me go now
-“Trouble”, Ray Lamontagne

…no, literally,..rainy days are not good for my behind. On rainy days I tend to eat heavier foods, like “comfort foods” and I get a bit sluggish and long for the warmth of my bed all day…my arse is really dragging the ground today. I am afraid I might have holes in my pants…

So, I am watching Alias Last Wednesday (episode: Nightingale) and they played this song at the end of the episode. Well the song immediately grabbed my attention and my ears. I heard a voice like no other and the pain in the song was heavy. So, knowing that the web can provide you with just about everything except a cure for AIDS, I went online to an Alias fan site to see if I could find the artist and title of a song. I have done this before with a song from an episode of Alias and it proved to be rewarding. I found a song that I wanted for over 4 years and was looking for it. Because I did not know the band nor even a maybe title for the song, no one seemed to be able to tell me anything about the song. The only thing I knew about the song, other than the fact that I had heard it in a coke commercial a few years back; was that the chorus sounded like the singer was saying “baby…” something, (come to find out she was saying “Fade Into You, but that is a story for a different date). Long story shorter, I found out that my latest music jewel of a find was called “Trouble” and it was by a guy (with a fascinating life story I might add), called Ray Lamontagne. I found it, bought it on iTunes and then bought his whole record….now my life is once again complete, (until the next song I become obsessed with comes along).

I do that, find a song or an artist, love one of their songs and then spend the next month or so completely wrapped up in it…obsessed with it….on constant rotation with it…its bad.

“Trouble” just speaks to me. Its a melancholy song about feeling lost and found and lost again (but this time, lost in someone). I just love it. The rest of his album (of the same name as the single) is great also. They played another one of his songs, “Shelter” on another recent episode of Alias as well….sounds like someone on the Alias staff might be obsessed too… đŸ™‚

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