Finding the fight that will lead to hopefulness (again)

Sometimes an opportunity is closed to you and that can be disappointing. Especially when you see that your peers are enjoying or reaping the benefit of said opportunity. This is

Hey Fitbit, fashion is calling

I fell in love with my fitbit when I first purchased it. Yet, I still struggled with the constant quantification of everything I do versus my privacy, (that is another

Stepping more into 40 and out of a cluttered life.

Deciding that my move out of Greensboro was also going to be the start of a #lifepurge was one of the biggest and scariest things I have ever done. Seriously folks. It

The Justin Bieber Story: How I became the Male #LindsayLohan

READ: Justin Bieber + friend + stripper = nsfw pictures, (hell, not safe for anywhere!) on Twitter Based off of the article I reference in this post, my mind went


Dating is like,…

What 30-Somethings know that YOU don’t #1: Dating in your 30s and 40s is like The Hunger Games,…except no one gives you a backpack with shit in it for you

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